Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A History Lesson; or, Comics in Unusual Places

A scholarly fellow with whom I am acquainted contacted me out of the blue today to ask, "How long has there been a Green Lantern in Earth's sector?"  Keen to impress with my knowledge (which doesn't happen very often with this particular gentleman), I was just about to share all I know about a billion year old Corps and the first publication dates of both the Golden-Age and Silver-Age Green Lantern titles when he came back with, "1643?"

Now I was thoroughly confused and demanded further explanation.  It transpired my friend was locked in the study of a historic sermon addressed to the British House of Commons when he came across the following passage:

"the darknesse of the blackest nights was past over without feare, and in so great security, as the light of the fairest dayes."
A coincidence perhaps but you've got to wonder if Robert Baylie (1599 - 1662), minister for Glasgow, was a little bit clairvoyant, or had even been the recipient of a visitation by a strange green figure from the stars...

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