Tuesday 16 July 2013


Any Green Lantern fan worth a lick of salt knows the important debt of gratitude we owe to Gil Kane.  Gil was the artist on virtually every Green Lantern comic book throughout the first 10 years of our favourite ring-slingers' existence.  He is responsible for laying the foundations on which the GL universe was built.  Much like the constructs formed by our heroes' power rings, the weird and wonderful world Hal Jordan and his fellow Corpsmen explore is limited only by  Gil's imagination.

Of course, Green Lantern Corps recruits come in every shape and size but what does a legendary picturesmith do when he needs a break from drawing six armed aliens and eyes on stalks?  Well... monsters of course!

Here are five fearsome beasties who escaped from the mind of the monster master:

 1. Raarrr! Does this belt make me look scary or what?!

Green Lantern vol.2 #8 (1961)

2. Would you believe me if I said I was vegetarian?

Green Lantern vol.2 #34 (1965)
3. Shape-shifters - because one monster is never enough. 

Green Lantern vol.2 #38 (1965)
4. Nothing says evil like a brain on a stick... 

Green Lantern vol.2 #55 (1967)
5. Tentacles of Doom! 'Nuff said! 

 Green Lantern vol.2 #70 (1969)