Monday, 17 August 2015

Construct of the Week #35

Appeared in:
Justice League of America #1 (vol.6), 2015

Construct: All of Hal's Favourites!
(Boxing Glove, Fist, Baseball Bat, Gatling Gun,
Shark, Attack Chopper)
Generated by: Hal Jordan


  1. Anybody else realize that this trailer was released exactly one year after BvS:DoJ was released in theaters? Please tell me there are DC fans left in the world to like this comment, and DC movies

  2. TLDR Ima woman i need to do this alone i wont tell you why wont tell you what so im gonna risk hummanity cause millions of deaths not allow the justice league to save survivers hell even attempted to kill them. all to fight a dragon alone because some dumb god bitch says me AND my team will die fighting them
    this story literaly depowers all the male heros to a serious extent ignores their powers and is just a wonder woman wank these betrayal comics are seriously just dumb

    if wonderwoman said hey theres a threat coming and i have to be the one to fight it you guys help civilians blah blah blah
    who knows how this would have turned out if wonder woman would have just opened her fucking mouth