Thursday 2 August 2012

Silver Age Green Lantern - The Genesis of the Emotional Spectrum

For many people, their first introduction to the Emotional Spectrum is through the works of Geoff Johns but, as this cover from the 1960s shows, the concept of the Lantern Corps' goes back a long way.  In an adventure that pitted Hal Jordan against the Rainbow Raider a very unusal energy had an unexpected influence over the Green Lantern.

Or maybe not...  This excellent parody cover was actually created only last year by a brilliant and hilarious comic book artist called Kerry Callen.  The piece was commissioned by Chris Sims of the Comics Alliance for a project that re-imagines modern DC Comics events in a silver age style.

I cannot recommend highly enough that you check out Kerry's other comedic cartoon capers on his blog,, and his excellent Halo and Sprocket comic at

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