Thursday 6 December 2012


An undeniable hierarchy exists among the superheroes of DC Comics.  Its a ranking that is touted by fans and, more often than not, upheld within the pages of the comic books themselves. 

And head and shoulders above all others, above the Legion, above the Titans, above the irreproachable Justice League even, stands the Trinity.  They are the royal family of the DC Universe.  Superman, Batman, and Wonder Women; the heavy hitters of a publishing giant.  The grouping of the Trinity is so significant that it has been the central subject of a least two limited series in the last 10 years.
Well, this is the New 52 and it's time to rewrite the history books...
The power of the Emerald Crusader has finally been given due recognition and Green Lantern has been promoted to the big time (well, according to Stormwatch #15 anyway).
As earth's oldest protectors Stormwatch have a long history of defending our planet against the dangers of metahumans, and in the Age of the Superhero they have identified the three greatest threats to their mission as Superman, Batman and Green Lantern.  That's right.. not Wonder Woman.  Green Lantern.
Therefore, ladies, gentlemen and visiting aliens of the galaxy, it gives me great pleasure to present to you your new Trinity: 

I've been waiting 53 years for this promotion...

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