Monday, 7 January 2013

Greed Knows No Boundaries

Greed Knows No Boundaries
by Aragen

If any comic book character was going to break the fourth wall to get what he wants it's Larfleeze.
I came across this amazing concept art of the
orange lantern on the popular SuperHeroHype Forums.  The brainchild of digital artist Rich W.S., better known as Aragen, this particular work is a departure from his 
usual graphic cartoon style. 
You can find the original post along with tons more
hilarious comic book artwork
on Aragen's Fan Art thread on the SHH Forums.
You can also find a whole host Aragen's most recent creations on his deviantART page.
(NB: With previous Fan Art posts I have managed to obtain the artist's permission before displaying their work on Flodo's Page. Unfortunately Aragen and I are not active on the same social network sites and I can't track down an email contact for him. If any readers are signed up to deviantART or SuperHeroHype Forums I am more than happy for you to make the artist aware of this blog post and my admiration for his portfolio.)

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