Tuesday 30 October 2012

Jack O'-Green-Lantern

Beware my light !!!
Anybody who follows me on twitter will know how excited I have been getting recently about Halloween pumpkin carvings.  Not just any carvings, of course...
I was delighted to discover after a quick 'Google' search that a whole heap of creative fanboys have been turning their whittling skills towards
Green Lantern.
Here are seven of the best:
7. A simple carving but a great touch
with the green light.

6. A Doug Mahnke style GL symbol... nice!
5. Classic Green Lantern... perfect for the
Blackest Night.
4. This one really is a green lantern...
3. A great silhouette. Is this Earth 2's
Green Lantern, Alan Scott?
2. The detail that has gone into this one is incredible!
1. The clear winner has to be this set of pumpkins representing every Corps in the emtional spectrum, downloaded from Badass Digest.
Truly awesome!!
You can check out some more great comic book and sci-fi inspired pumpkin carvings here.

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